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Vegetable Seeds for the Aussie Home and Market Gardener. Supplying popular and rare varieties of veggie, herb and flower seed packets.
Generous quantities of seed per packet.

Dave’s Seed supplies Heirloom, Open Pollinated and Hybrid vegetable, herb and flower seed packets. I aim to grow as much vegetable seed as I can muster from my 5 acre property based 5 minutes out of the lovely Cygnet, Tasmania and to seek out the best seed varieties from around the world to enhance the veggie gardening experience for Australian gardeners.

I also operate Dave’s Seedlings which is found at the local markets supplying organically grown vegetable, herb and flower seedlings focusing on Tasmanian cool climate vegetable gardening.

The bulk of the tomato, chilli, capsicum, eggplant and lettuce seed offered is home grown as well as a number of other seeds. Home grown seed is marked organically grown seed. 

Vegetable Seed Packets and Seedlings (August to April) are available at local markets and can be collected from my home. Seed Packets are sent to all Australian States except Western Australia at this time. I enjoy a good chat about gardening and am always happy to wander about the veggie garden with customers.

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Tomato Season in Tasmania 2021/22

Tomato Season in Tasmania 2021/22

Thoughts on the 2021/22 Tomato growing season. Yet another season is now pretty much behind us Tasmanian’s. Yet another erratic season of ups and downs. Below are some of my thoughts on the season gone and a review of the tomato varieties I grew (either outside or in the hothouse). These are my experiences where …

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Growing Brussels Sprouts in Tasmania

Growing Brussels Sprouts in Tasmania

Growing Brussels Sprouts in Tasmania I am an avid fan of what seems to be the controversial Brussel Sprout. Autumn to winter sprouts steamed with some butter is all I need; however my wife turns them into some delicious sides for dinner. Like other vegetables in the Brassicaceae family such as Broccoli and Cauliflower, Brussels …

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New tomato varieties available batch 2

New tomato varieties available batch 2

New batch of tomato varieties ready as follows: Northern Delight – early variety Pepper Like Stripes. Great Roma alternative Silver Fir – another early variety Gernaium Kiss – prolific red cherry on a dwarf Early Wonder Snow White Dwarf Golden Heart Early Annie Dwarf Boronia (Cherokee Purple like fruit) dwarf Gondwana Moon – love this …

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What to Sow in July(officially the start of the new growing season)– Broad beans (are slow to germinate however, can wait till August)– Spring Onions– Bulbing onions such as Creamgold (best started indoors to plant out in Sept in cold wet soils)– mid to late in month can start Tomato, Chilli, Capsicum and Eggplant on a heatmat (ideally around 22 degrees C – find them on ebay for $30 ish ) – These are for those that will be grown in a hothouse (Tomatoes plant out in hothouse mid to late Sept, Chilli, Caps and eggplant late Oct to Nov).– Can raise seedlings sown mid month on for planting out in mid August onwards. See what to plant in August’t forget there are many seeds on sale for June plus 5% off (excl items on sale, $15 min spend) until June 30. In July I go into Seedling mode!Happy See MoreSee Less
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Continuing the regular discounts. 5% off until midnight June 30. Excludes sales items and $15 min spend.Enter JUNE5% Code at checkoutAlso some discounted seed packets from $1.99 until June 30.Just added habanero orange chilli seeds and some more home grown pumpkin seed to the website.Happy See MoreSee Less
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See me at the Cygnet and Franklin market from August to April

Cygnet Market is on the first and third Sunday of the month, Franklin the fourth Sunday, 10am to 2pm. I sell seasonal vegetable, herb and flower seedlings and seeds.

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