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Vegetable Seeds for the Aussie Home and Market Gardener. Supplying popular and rare varieties of veggie, herb and flower seed packets.
Generous quantities of seed per packet.

Dave’s Seed supplies Heirloom, Open Pollinated and Hybrid vegetable, herb and flower seed packets. I aim to grow as much vegetable seed as I can muster from my 5 acre property based 5 minutes out of the lovely Cygnet, Tasmania and to seek out the best seed varieties from around the world to enhance the veggie gardening experience for Australian gardeners.

I also operate Dave’s Seedlings which is found at the local markets supplying organically grown vegetable, herb and flower seedlings focusing on Tasmanian cool climate vegetable gardening.

The bulk of the tomato, chilli, capsicum, eggplant and lettuce seed offered is home grown as well as a number of other seeds. Home grown seed is marked organically grown seed. 

Vegetable Seed Packets and Seedlings (August to April) are available at local markets and can be collected from my home. Seed Packets are sent to all Australian States except Western Australia at this time. I enjoy a good chat about gardening and am always happy to wander about the veggie garden with customers.

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Tomato Cage idea

Tomato Cage idea

There are many ways to support your tomato plants during the growing season. Below is one way I have adopted to make life easier with those vining indeterminate tomatoes including the cherries. I like this method as all I have to do is keep the plants growing within the cage and can let it do …

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The Little Fingers eggplant journey

The Little Fingers eggplant journey

In this post I will follow the life of the Little Fingers Eggplant. It will end up less words and more pictures. The Sowing: On the 19 July 2022, I sowed the seeds into a punnet placed onto a heatmat in a hothouse. The soil mix is pretty basic. Organic Compost, Propagation Sand and Perlite …

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Growing Broad Beans in Tasmania

Growing Broad Beans in Tasmania

Growing Broad Beans in Tasmania Broad beans are a perfect crop for the cool temperate climate of Tasmania. They are a bushy annual that can grow from 1 to 1.8m tall depending on the variety, soils and weather. Broad Beans (Fava) are a legume thus from the Fabaceae family but are not from the Bean …

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I will be at the Cygnet Market next Sunday Feb 5 with plenty of organically grown seedlings for your autumn / winter garden. List of most stock below. Advanced herbs will also be at market.Seed packets will be there. Or order online for a 10% discount until Jan 31 (you can collect from Cygnet Market also if that works best). Use coupon code Jan10% at the checkout.Happy GrowingDaveBeetroot Boro F1Beetroot ChioggaBroccoletti Broccoli Belstar F1Broccoli Bondarda F1 purple $3 potBroccoli Emerald Crown F1Broccoli Green Sprouting CalabreseBroccoli Leaf SpigarielloBroccoli Marathon F1Broccoli Purple SproutingBroccoli Purple Sprouting Rioja F1 Pot $3Broccoli RomanescoBroccoli Waltham 29Brussels Sprouts Dagan F1 Pot $3Cabbage Caraflex F1 (Sugarloaf) Pot $3Cabbage Copenhagen Market (green ballhead)Cabbage Red AcreCabbage Savoy King F1Cabbage SugarloafCauliflower AmazingCauliflower DePurple F1 Pot $3Cauliflower Selection 174Cauliflower Snow Crown F1Kale blue curled ScotchKale Red RussianKale Toscano/Cavolo NeroKohlrabi Azur StarLeek American FlagLettuce Black Seeded Simpson looseleafLettuce Flashy Trout Back COSLettuce Lollo Rosso looseleafLettuce Parris Is COSLettuce Red Cross BatavianLettuce Rouge d’Hiver COSLettuce Winter Density COSRocket SaladSilverbeet Bright LightsSilverbeet Fordhook GiantSpinach PerpetualSpinach Seaside baby F1Spring Onion White Lisbon See MoreSee Less
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10% off Seed Packets online until Jan 31.Minimum spend $20Use Coupon Code ‘Jan 10%’ at the checkoutwww.davesseed.comHappy GrowingDave See MoreSee Less
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See me at the Cygnet and Franklin market from August to April

Cygnet Market is on the first and third Sunday of the month, Franklin the fourth Sunday, 10am to 2pm. I sell seasonal vegetable, herb and flower seedlings and seeds.

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