Quarantine and Shipping



I am able to ship to all states except WA due to quarantine restrictions and costs to the purchaser in that state. 

You should always check your State Quarantine rules.

Shipping – keeping it as cheap as possible

Where I can fit the packets into a letter size (width 2cm) I charge $4 (excludes tracking). For items larger than a letter, I charge a flat $7.50 Postage & Handling cost and this includes tracking. I am happy for an order to be picked up from my home if you live nearby (Huon Valley Tasmania)

For customers outside Australia, I do ship internationally to the USA, Canada and New Zealand however those countries quarantine rules are not known to me therefore it is the purchaser’s responsibility to check their countries quarantine regulations to see what species are permitted into the country. Please email me at boxingkoala@gmail.com for quotes and what you are after. The website is not setup to accept international orders.

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