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Prices include GST at 10%.

Shipping Locations.

I only ship to Australia (excluding WA at this stage). International Orders are unable to be placed on the website and if you do by putting an Australian address, the order will be refunded (Paypal keeps their fee!!!)

Prompt Delivery.

If you order by 10am, I endeavour to have your order posted in the mail that day or at worst the following day depending on the time of year. Note you have an option to collect from my house at Cradoc, Huon Valley to save on postage if you live locally.

Out of Stock.

I endeavor to keep track of stock however this can be difficult so should you purchase something which I have sold out of, I will email you in relation to a substitute. I track inventory so this hopefully only occurs rarely.


This website operates on a SSL security system which ensures your credit card details are secure and safe. It is secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption.  I accept bank transfer, cash if you pickup from my house or market stall (August to April), credit card and Paypal.


If you wish to cancel your order before I have sent it that won’t be a problem. Note that the refund will be for the purchase cost less any credit card fees charged to me the merchant.

Germination Testing.

I test all my product line of vegetable seed in winter within my hothouse. I also use all the seed for sale in my seedling business so I am able to monitor germination rates continuously over the year. If germination rates are poor, it is an issue with my seedlings (I know how painful low germination rates are!). Anything below 70% and I will not sell or will provide more seed for thicker sowing. Note the standard for germination testing does not mean say 80% germination outside in the garden. There are a large set of variables that impact germination. For example, summer heat lovers require minimum soil temperatures and even one cold day can abort germination.Bad potting mix is often a culprit. Gardening is fun! Always sow 3 to 5 seeds per hole minimum as a rough guide and thin later.

Dave's germination bed
Dave’s germination bed


How long does the seed last?

How long is a piece of string? There are many factors that impact the length of seed viability. My seeds are stored at a cool temperature (around 4 degree celsius) where they are kept dry in airtight containers with the assistance of silica gel. Storing this way greatly lengthens how long you seed will last. High temperatures greatly reduce the length of seed viability. I provide an estimate of the duration the seed sold will stay within acceptable germination rates, however you can extend this life by ensuring the above. It is important when taking seed out of the cool environment, to allow the packet to come to room temperature before opening and to reseal  by pushing the air out.


Nature has its own plans. I aim to provide quality seed but I can’t guarantee all the seed is that variety or all of it will grow (sow more seed to ensure something comes up). Sometimes when something has cross pollinated, the result is just as good or even better so enjoy what grows. Sometimes errors can also happen in labeling. I am human I think. I urge you to read up on types of seed and germinating or pop me a line for thoughts.

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