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Sow seeds outdoors from mid-spring (October) until the end of summer (February – later is possible planting seedling. You can sow a couple of weeks earlier by using crop protection – for instance, grow them in greenhouse or polytunnel borders, or sow into trays or pots under cover to plant out once temperatures outside have improved.

To sow, first mark out seed drills into prepared soil. You can use a garden stake to make depressions into raked soil, or for shorter rows simply use a hand trowel to create your drills. These should be about 2cm deep with subsequent rows spaced 30cm apart.

The seeds are quite big and knobbly, which makes them very easy to sow. Unlike other crops, beetroot seeds are actually clumps of individual seeds, so you’ll often get several sprouts from each one. Simply drop the seeds into the drill so that they are about 2-5cm apart. There’s no need to be too precise with this as you can always remove excess seedlings once they’ve germinated. Now cover the seeds over, patting the soil back down with the palm of your hand or the back of a rake. Don’t forget to label your rows. Adding some Boron to a watering can is useful in Tasmania to water in.


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