Brussels Sprouts

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Although Brussel sprouts date back to ancient Rome, they’re named for the city of Brussels, Belgium, where they have been enjoyed since the 14th century. Part of the cabbage family, Brussels sprouts can be grown in just about any home vegetable garden as long as you have patience—they are slow-growing plants that require a long growing season.

Brussels sprouts taste best after they have been subjected to cool weather. Usually, that means harvesting after a light frost or a snow. In cooler climates, they are best planted in early summer (mid Nov to Dec in Tas) for a autumn to early winter harvest. In warmer climates, they should be planted in late summer for a late fall or winter harvest.

In colder climates, you can start brussels sprouts seeds indoors around early November, and transplant the seedlings to the garden in mid-December, or about four months before the first autumn frost (April to May).

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