organic control of leaf curl

Organic control of leaf curl on Peaches & Nectarines

Organic Control of Leaf Curl

Organic control of leaf curl begins over the next month. This is the time to start getting ready to apply some form of control to minimise leaf curl damage on stone fruit trees (Nectarine and Peach) plus rust on raspberries. 

Personally I apply a Burgundy mixture based on the Peter Cundall formula below.

  1. Dissolve 100 gram of washing soda (cheaply available at supermarkets in 1kg packets as a water softener) in half a standard (plastic) bucket of water. (About 5 litres).
  2. Dissolve 100 grams copper sulphate (available at garden centres) in a separate half bucket of water.
  3. Pour the washing sode mix into the half bucket of dissolved copper sulphate.
  4. If necessary add enough extra water to make up a total of 10 litres.

It is at its most effective strength when freshly mixed so must be used immediately or within a couple of days.

For effective organic control of leaf curl, It is sprayed to completely cover the main (bare) branches of peach, nectarine and other stone fruit trees to help control leaf curl and brown rot disease. It is also sprayed over raspberry canes in late July for control of raspberry rust. Burgundy mixture is my preference as it does not clog the sprayer nozzle.

The time to spray stone fruit trees is just before the buds are about to burst open. Usually early to mid August for me. Ideally spray on a clear day so it does not wash off and hope for a few dry days. If it rains it may be worth re-spraying unless the buds have opened. Do not spray open buds. You have missed the boat for this method if the buds have opened up

Lets hope for a cracking season of delicious stone fruits. 


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2 thoughts on “Organic control of leaf curl on Peaches & Nectarines”

  1. Hi Dave, I have just put in a nectarine tree (bare root) and I was wondering if the above method is safe for bees as we have several hives in our yard. If is in’t can you advise a safe curl leaf spray method that is safe for bees.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Tania. Good point you raise with bees. Most fungicides and insecticides, even if organic, are toxic to bees. I spray late afternoon just on the fruit trees which are not in flower at this time and not had a problem with plenty of bees in my garden. Best just spray late afternoon as sun sets. Cheers dave

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