Black Eyed Susan Gloriosa Daisies Mix (Rudbeckia)


  • Rudbeckia hirta
  • Seed Packet contains approx 500 seeds
  • Open Pollinated, Untreated

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Black Eyed Susan Gloriosa Daisies Mix

Black Eyed Susan Gloriosa Daisies Mix is a perennial but used as an annual in cool climates. Was originally developed in the 1950’s by the Burpee Seed Company. The Gloriosa Daisy is garden friendly and easy to grow. It provides a great cut flower and is a strong attractor of birds, bees and butterflies.

Flowers come in a mixture of single and bi-colours including; yellow, mahogany, bronze and gold with black cone shaped centres. It needs to be planted in an area that receives plenty of full sun. Being very drought tolerant, this flower loves warmth and will grow tall without much water.

When to Sow:

Cool Climate: SEP – NOV

Temperate: SEP – JAN

Sub – Tropical: SEP – NOV, MAR – MAY

Tropical: SEP – NOV, MAR– MAY

Arid: SEP – DEC


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