Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mix


  • Calendula officinalis
  • Seed Packet contains approx 100 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated.

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Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mix

Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mix is a splendid variety that is ideal for bedding and container growing. The plant reaches a height of  30 cm and produces beautiful lemon / orange flowers. This variety is easy to grow making it ideal for all gardeners.

Sow: September to February.

Spacing: 30cm.

In historic times Calendula was more often used for magical purposes than medicinal ones. One 16th-century potion containing Calendula claimed to reveal fairies. An unmarried woman with two suitors would take a blend of powdered Calendulamarjoramwormwood and thyme simmered in honey and white wine used as an ointment in a ritual to reveal her true match.

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