Capsicum Ajvarski


  • Capsicum annuum
  • Seed Packets contains approx 8 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated, Organically Grown

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Capsicum Ajvarski

Capsicum Ajvarski is a rare variety that was donated to me by Sue Meese. Celebrated for their aroma and flavours, Ajvarski is a staple in North Macedonian cuisine. Put half a dozen on the grill and make a traditional relish called ajvar*, which is eaten spread on bread, often with sirenje (a local cheese similar to feta). Apparently North Macedonians flock to the markets in fertile valleys in the east to buy bushels of the best aromatic roasting peppers from the local villages.

Stocky plants (80 cm approx tall) and have thick foliage and produce large, glossy and crimson red capsicums with thick flesh that taper to a point. Was a little slower to ripen than others in my cool climate but ripening began in March and continues in early May.

*Ajvar is a sauce made with eggplant and consumed as a bread spread or side dish with meals. There are also spicy versions of ajvar.

Sow: Start on a heat mat or indoors in August, plant out after risk of frost and soils warmed (early to mid November in a cool climate). Can start earlier if planting in a hot house. Lay black plastic on ground and plant into an X cut-out if planting outside. They need consistent soil warmth in Tasmania.

Cool Climate: AUG– NOV (Heat mat)

Temperate: AUG – JAN

Sub – Tropical: JUL – APR

Tropical: ALL YEAR

Arid: AUG – JAN

Spacing – 50-70cm.

The name pepper was given by Europeans when Christopher Columbus brought the plant back to Europe. At that time, black pepper (peppercorns), from the unrelated plant Piper nigrum originating from India, was a highly prized condiment.

The name pepper was applied in Europe to all known spices with a hot and pungent taste and was therefore extended to genus Capsicum when it was introduced from the Americas.

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 24 to 30 C (around 10 to 20 days to germination, longer at lower temps)



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