Carrot Berlicum


  • Daucus carota
  • Seed Packet contains approx 800 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated. Untreated

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Carrot Berlicum

Carrot Berlicum has cylindrical shaped roots that can reach up to 20cm in length in deep and stone free soil. It is an open pollinated variety and is best sown for maincrop production. It can store well overwinter and has a sweet flavour and an excellent orange colour.

Sow: 2 weeks before last frost to March. Keep bed moist at ALL times while germinating. (Cool Climate)

Spacing: 5 to 10cm. rows 30cm

Both written history and molecular genetic studies indicate that the domestic carrot has a single origin in Central Asia. Its wild ancestors probably originated in Persia (regions of which are now Iran and Afghanistan), which remains the centre of diversity for the wild carrot Daucus carota. A naturally occurring subspecies of the wild carrot was presumably bred selectively over the centuries to reduce bitterness, increase sweetness and minimise the woody core; this process produced the familiar garden vegetable.

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 20 to 26 C (around 12-17 days to germination)

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