Cauliflower Mini White F1


  • Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
  • Seed Packet contains approx 30 seeds.
  • F1 Hybrid

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Cauliflower Mini White F1

Cauliflower Mini White F1 produces small, 10-15 cm heads of clean, white curds on a space-saving, compact plant. Ideal for the home garden or containers or where space is premium. An early maturing variety ranging from 10 to 16 weeks depending on your growing conditions.

When to Sow:

Cool Climate: mid OCT/NOV – mid MAR

Temperate: JAN – APR

Sub – Tropical: FEB – MAY

Tropical: MAR – APR

Arid: MAR – JUL

  • Aim to have heading Cauliflower outside extended hot periods and tie leaves over the head to avoid discolouration.

Spacing: 35 to 40cm, rows 40 to 50cm (closer the more you keep the soil moist)

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Cauliflower on the Wiki

  • In the 1st century AD, Pliny included what he called cyma among his descriptions of cultivated plants in Natural History: “Ex omnibus brassicae generibus suavissima est cyma, (“Of all the varieties of cabbage the most pleasant-tasted is cyma“). Pliny’s descriptions likely refer to the flowering heads of an earlier cultivated variety of Brassica oleracea, but comes close to describing modern cauliflower.

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 18 to 24 C (around 5-10 days to germination)

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