Early Long Purple eggplant


  • Solanum melongena.
  • Seed Packet contains approx 30 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated. Untreated

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Early Long Purple eggplant

Early Long Purple Eggplant produces long slim dark fruit reaching 25 cm by 8cm. Best grown in a hothouse in Tasmania where they do very well. Seed requires heat to germinate of at least 22 deg (heat mats help). Taste great grilled.

Sow Start on a heat mat or indoors in August, plant out after risk of frost and soils warmed (early to mid-November) (cool climate). Can start earlier if planting in a hot house. Lay black plastic on ground and plant into an X cut-out if planting outside.

They need max warmth in Tasmania.

Spacing 60-80cm. I grow like tomatoes thinning to 2 leading stems for easier management and high yields in a hothouse.

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Most commonly purple, the spongy, absorbent fruit is used in several cuisines. Typically used as a vegetable in cooking, it is a berry by botanical definition. As a member of the genus Solanum, it is related to the tomato, chili pepper, and potato

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 24 to 30 C (around 10 to 20 days to germination, longer at lower temps)

Dimensions14.5 × 1 × 9 cm
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