Endive Batavian Broadleaf


  • Cichorium endivia
  • Seed Packet contains approx 600 seed
  • Open Pollinated. Untreated

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Endive Batavian Broadleaf

Endive Batavian Broadleaf, also known as Escarole is an endive that resembles a lettuce head with its broad, curling leaves. This healthy green makes a pretty and tasty addition to your favourite salads. For the most tender and flavourful product, plant either early or late in the season to avoid the hot season.

When to Sow: grows best when temps range from 7 to 24 degrees C

Cool Climate: mid OCT – MAR (best maturing in cool months)

Temperate: AUG – MAR

Sub – Tropical: APR – JUN

Tropical: APR – JUN

Arid: JUN – JUL

Spacing: 40cm.

Chicory is native to western Asia, North Africa, and Europe. The plant has a history reaching back to ancient Egypt. In ancient Rome, a dish called puntarelle was made with chicory sprouts.

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