Goji Berry


  • Lycium barbarum
  • Seed Packet contains approx  100 seeds
  • Open Pollinated.

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Goji Berry

Goji Berry is a compact long-lived bush bearing plump, juicy, sweet red fruits bursting with vitamins and minerals, which are produced all summer long, right up to the first frosts.

These easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant tomato relatives will grow in any soil, are hardy down to -15c, and can produce 1-2kg of fruit when only 2 years old! The fruit is very healthy combining exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant with a pleasant taste.

Also known as Wolf Berry, they have actually been established in England for centuries despite the recent upsurge in popularity. Grows to a bit over 1m

SOW: October to December (germination is slow so be patient – place on a window sill or heat mat to speed up process and delay until warm sunny weather as they need strong sunlight). Soak the seeds in warm water (21 to 28C) for one to two days. This will increase their rate of germination.


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