Kale Blue curled Scotch


  • Brassica oleraceae
  • Seed Packet contains approx. 500 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated.

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Kale Blue curled Scotch

Kale Blue curled Scotch is an excellent winter kale producing fine curly blue leaves on a compact plant. Has a peppery cabbage like flavour and lovely steamed with a dash of butter or in salads, pies and soups. Very good source of vitamin K and C, iron, folate, iodine and calcium.

Sow – November to March (cool climate).

Spacing – 40cm between plants, 50cm rows.

Kale originated in the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor, where it was cultivated for food beginning by 2000 BCE at the latest. Curly-leaved varieties of cabbage already existed along with flat-leaved varieties in Greece in the 4th century BC. These forms, which were referred to by the Romans as Sabellian kale, are considered to be the ancestors of modern kales.

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 20 to 24 C (around 5-10 days to germination)

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