Melon Tigger


  • Cucumis melo
  • Seed Packets contain approx 10 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated. Organically Grown

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Melon Tigger

Melon Tigger produces small fruits of about 1/2 kilogram in weight. The melon’s skin is semi-thick, smooth, and hard, displaying a vibrant mottled and variegated striping. You know they are ripe by the smell and with the colour changing to a bright orange, crimson, to golden yellow hue.

When cut open, the ivory flesh is firm, dense, and juicy with a crisp, succulent consistency. The flesh is very mild, subtly sweet, and somewhat muted. A quick variety to ripen which is useful in cool climates. Produced 4 to 6 fruits per plant.

When to Sow: Cool and temperate climates on a heat mat in a hothouse or indoors. Germination is higher with bottom heat of 25 degrees C.

Cool Climate: mid OCT – early DEC

Temperate: SEP – DEC

Sub – Tropical: JUL – JAN

Tropical: ALL YEAR

Arid: AUG – JAN

Spacing: 1.2m however they do well in grow bags (1 seedling to a bag).

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 26 to 30 C (around 5-10 days to germination)

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