Pak Choy Chokito F1


  • Brassica rapa var. chinensis
  • Seed Packet contains approx 300 seeds.
  • F1 Hybrid. Untreated Seed

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Pak Choy Chokito F1

Pak Choy Chokito F1 is a fast growing, leafy Asian Green with wide adaptability. They grow to 25 cm tall with pale green, broad stems. A very handy fill-in plant due to its vigorous growth rates. Excellent in stir fry and can be added to salads and soups. Approximately 45 to 55 days to maturity and harvest when the pak choy is around 15 cm tall. Has some better heat tolerance.

Sow – August to October and February to April (cool climate). Best sown indoors and planted out in early Spring (provide some cover on cold frosty nights). Very easy growing during autumn and winter. I have not tried sowing this in summer but reports say it may be suitable in Tasmania.

Spacing – 25cm, 30cm rows.

Evolved in China, where it has been cultivated since the 5th century AD.  Contains glucosinolates. These compounds have been reported to prevent cancer.

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