Pea Climbing Alderman


  • Pisum sativum
  • Seed Packet contains approx 100 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated.

Pea Climbing Alderman (Shelling Pea)

Pea Climbing Alderman, also known as Telephone, this climbing pea is an old variety that can reach 2 metres high. Best grown up a trellis / string / old chook wire. Best sown August to October to ripen before the warmer summer arrives (in Tasmania). Will produce large quantities of approx 12cm long pods. Pick when the pods fatten up. Likes some added potash at planting time and when starting to flower.

Sow August to October (cool climate). Can sow Autumn to overwinter.

Spacing thickly along a trellis, 30 cm rows.

Germination: Optimal Soil temperature is 18 to 22 C (around 7 to 10 days to germination)

Dimensions14 × 3 × 8 cm

250 grams, 500 grams, Packet

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