Purple Top White Globe Turnip


  • Brassica rapa
  • Seed Packet contains approx. 300 seeds
  • Open Pollinated.  Treated Seed
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Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Purple Top White Globe Turnip is an easy to grow turnip producing purple round tops that are white underneath. Smooth, round roots around 7-10 cm in diameter.

Turnips have come back into fashion in the kitchen. I think it is because they are easy to grow and keep in the fridge for months. Lovely sliced in salads. I grow two batches a year. One sown in Sept and another in February. These keep us in turnip for most of the year.

Sow mid-August to March, though best outside the hottest months.

Spacing 10cm. rows 30cm

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  • Wild forms of the turnip and its relatives, the mustards and radishes, are found over western Asia and Europe. Starting as early as 2000 BC, related oilseed subspecies of Brassica rapa like oleifera may have been domesticated several times from the Mediterranean to India, though these are not the same turnips cultivated for its roots.

10 grams, Packet

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