Rocket Wild


  • Diplotaxis tenuifolia
  • Seed Packet contains approx 500 seed.
  • Open Pollinated. Untreated Seed

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Rocket Wild

Rocket Wild has thin serrated dark green leaves that have the distinctive hot peppery/spicy flavour making it a great tasty alternative to the usual Salad Rocket Grows as a perennial in my garden providing nearly year long leaves for the kitchen.

Slower to germinate than salad rocket but once the plant is established it will last a number of years. Dies back a little in winter but returns for another 8 to 10 months of leaf.

Will set seed readily. I cut back numerous times during the year for fresh regrowth,

When to Sow:

Cool Climate: SEP – NOV, FEB– MAR

Temperate: AUG – NOV, FEB– MAR

Sub – Tropical: MAR – OCT

Tropical: NOT SUITED


Spacing – 50-80cm (if grown as perennial) 15cm if used like salad rocket over summer

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