Sunflower Sunbird


  • Helianthus annuus
  • Seed Packets contain approx 15 seeds.
  • Open Pollinated. Organically Grown.

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Sunflower Sunbird

Sunflower Sunbird can come in at a whopping 2.5m in height. It is a useful variety if it is seed production you are after. As with all sunflowers, excellent at attracting bees, birds and butterflies. Is fast growing and can withstand dry conditions. Stake well.

Sow after risk of frost (late October to November). Minimum 30cm spacing but more for even taller plants.

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  • Sunflowers originate in the Americas. They were first domesticated in what is now Mexico and the Southern United States. Domestic sunflower seeds have been found in Mexico, dating to 2100 BCE. Native American people grew sunflowers as a crop from Mexico to Southern Canada. In the 16th century the first crop breeds were brought from America to Europe by explorers.


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