Little Fingers eggplant

The Little Fingers eggplant journey

In this post I will follow the life of the Little Fingers Eggplant. It will end up less words and more pictures.

The Sowing:

On the 19 July 2022, I sowed the seeds into a punnet placed onto a heatmat in a hothouse. The soil mix is pretty basic. Organic Compost, Propagation Sand and Perlite mixed well.

The compost is sifted with a fine garden sifter for a light top layer to be placed over the seed. You really don’t need to cover the seeds too much.

My heat mat is horticultural grade, but I have done this with ebay bought heat mats previously. The thermostat is set to 21 (a little low but a good temp that allows many other vegetable seeds to germinate also.

I water lightly with luke warm water and continue this each day or 2nd day. Use judgement, just don’t over water. 

They pop up.

By 3 August, the majority of the seeds have germinated.

Eggplant Little Fingers germinating
eggplant little fingers
Little seedlings on 25 August. In a few weeks potting up will start after true leaves form.
Little Finger
Little Finger seedlings potted up September 6th.
Eggplant Little Fingers close to planting
Seedling at 17 October. Close to planting
Eggplant Little Fingers
Little Fingers at December 12. Needs a little trimming and staking.
Eggplant Little Fingers Dec 31
Little Fingers as at 31 December. Warm days means quick growth. I do a weekly feed with Seasol in the watering can.
Little Fingers eggplant
eggplants have pollinated and are loading up the plant as at Jan 26 2023. Aphids have been an issue, I hose them off each day and occasionally spray with garlic and chilli spray or neem oil to keep under control.

Check back every now and then to see the Little Fingers journey.


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