When to plant tomatoes

When to plant tomatoes – tracking the weather (Huon Valley)

When to Plant tomatoes? The below graph shows the average daily temp since October 1 against some average minimums I have found as the preference minimum for tomatoes.  Note this is weather from my house. Tomato varieties are not all the same. There are some more cooler tolerant varieties that can set fruit when the …

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new seed packets

New Seed Packets – 17 October 2021

The following seed packets have been added to the website over the past few days: – Chilli Thai Hot (birds eye type) https://www.davesseed.com/product/chilli-thai-hot/ – Wild Bergamot (a must for attracting beneficial insects) https://www.davesseed.com/product/bergamot-wild/ – Korean Mint (looks lovely just as a flowering plant) https://www.davesseed.com/product/mint-korean/ – White flowered Borage https://www.davesseed.com/product/borage-white/ – Asparagus Precoce dÁrgenteuil https://www.davesseed.com/…/asparagus-precoce-dargenteuil/ – Anise https://www.davesseed.com/product/anise/ – Silverbeet Golden Sunrise …

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growing cauliflower

Growing Cauliflower in Tasmania (my way)

Growing Cauliflower in Tasmania (my way) Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea, Botrytis group) is one of my favourite vegetables. It prefers the cooler weather but a summer crop is possible in Tasmania. Cauliflower has a distinct nuttiness and is similar to broccoli in flavour. The main edible part of the flower, of which we don’t want coming too soon …

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New Seed Packets: 25 August 2021

New Seed Packets uploaded today (25 Aug):   Lebanese Zucchini https://www.davesseed.com/product/lebanese-zucchini/ Radish Hailstone https://www.davesseed.com/product/radish-hailstone/ Bush Bean Royal Burgundy https://www.davesseed.com/product/bush-bean-royal-burgundy/ Celeriac White Alabaster https://www.davesseed.com/product/celeriac-white-alabaster/ Lettuce Iceberg https://www.davesseed.com/product/lettuce-iceberg/ Spring Onion Tokyo Long White https://www.davesseed.com/…/spring-bunching-onion…/ Watermelon Golden Midget https://www.davesseed.com/product/watermelon-golden-midget/ Onion Red Rippa https://www.davesseed.com/product/onion-red-rippa/ Mustard Green Yukina Savoy https://www.davesseed.com/pro…/mustard-green-yukina-savoy/ Sorrel Red Vein https://www.davesseed.com/product/sorrel-red-veined/

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