New Seed Packets 3/11/21

new seed packets

Latest seed packets available now: Kohlrabi – early Purple Vienna Lettuce Flashy Trout Back Coriander Allegro Squash Delica F1 Kaboocha Mustard Wasabina Celery Amsterdam Cut

New Seed Packets – 17 October 2021

new seed packets

The following seed packets have been added to the website over the past few days: – Chilli Thai Hot (birds eye type) – Wild Bergamot (a must for attracting beneficial insects) – Korean Mint (looks lovely just as a flowering plant) – White flowered Borage – Asparagus Precoce dÁrgenteuil…/asparagus-precoce-dargenteuil/ – Anise – Silverbeet Golden Sunrise …

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New Seed Packets – 1 October 2021

new seed packets

New Seed Packets uploaded recently: Lettuce Bronze Mignonette  Cucumber Redlands Long White Black Salsify Squash Cucuzza Carrot Danvers 126 Organic Tomato San Marzano Tomato Ice Cauliflower Selection 174 Cabbage Red Ball F1

New Seed Packets 3 September 21

New Seed Packets

New Seed Packets  Sunflower Solar Flash F1  Salsify Mammoth Sandwich Island Fenugreek  Wormwood Lebanese Zucchini  Swede Tasmanian Butter Cosmos Versailles Flush Calendula Touch of Red mix Basil Dark Opal

Growing Cauliflower in Tasmania (my way)

growing cauliflower

Growing Cauliflower in Tasmania (my way) Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea, Botrytis group) is one of my favourite vegetables. It prefers the cooler weather but a summer crop is possible in Tasmania. Cauliflower has a distinct nuttiness and is similar to broccoli in flavour. The main edible part of the flower, of which we don’t want coming too soon …

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New Seed Packets: 25 August 2021

New Seed Packets uploaded today (25 Aug):   Lebanese Zucchini Radish Hailstone Bush Bean Royal Burgundy Celeriac White Alabaster Lettuce Iceberg Spring Onion Tokyo Long White…/spring-bunching-onion…/ Watermelon Golden Midget Onion Red Rippa Mustard Green Yukina Savoy…/mustard-green-yukina-savoy/ Sorrel Red Vein

Growing Asian Greens in Tasmania

Growing Asian Greens

Growing Asian Greens in Tasmania Growing Asian Greens is quite new to many Australian gardeners, well quite new to me over the past decade anyway. I first started with Mizuna and Mibuna and was surprised at the high yields collected over that winter. Since then I have been experimenting with many different varieties with failures and …

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New Seed Packets added 10/8 and 11/8

New Seed Packets

New seed packets uploaded last couple of days  Sunflower Radiance Tomato Black Russian Silverbeet Ruby Cauliflower Purple Sicily Komatsuna Red F1 Viola White Perfection Salvia Tricolour mix Cosmos Sensation Dazzler Tomatillo Peubla Verde Carrot Atomic Red Carrot Paris Market Hon Tsai Tai…/hon-tsai-tai-purple…/ Pak Choy Chokito F1 Cabbage Savoy Vertus

New Seed Packets 4/8/2021

mexican sunflower

New Seed Packets uploaded today 4/8/2021 Mustard Ruby Streaks Beetroot Chiogga  Cucumber Muncher Burpless (Lebanese)  Cucumber Crystal Salad  Basil Thai  Mexican Sunflower  Pak Choy White Stem  Leek American Flag  Batavian Broadleaf endive  Chicory witloof  Chicory Red Dandelion Melon Mountain Sweet 

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